AFCAC Workshop on Acceleration of development and deployment of SAF in Africa

The AFCAC Workshop on Sustainable Aviation Fuels was held on 3 - 5 July 2023, in Addis Abeba - ETHIOPIA and brought together stakeholders and African States to understand What is SAF, SAF Value Chains, Policy Frameworks, Financing and SAF Benefits; and how these will accelerate the development and deployment of SAF in Africa.

EASA and AFCAC were partnering in the implementation of the workshop, and it is financed by the European Union under the following technical cooperation project: Operationalisation of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) – Support to the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) | EASA (

You can also consult the AFCAC partner website for details about the workshop:

Workshop documents can be downloaded here:


Visa support letter (PDF) and Reference Code to be used for Visa: ET1337132412110

Information Bulletin

The workshop photos can be found here:

You will find the available workshop guest speaker biographies and presentations here below organised per session:

SESSION 1: Opening 

SESSION 2: Setting the Scene and Introduction to SAF

SESSION 3: SAF Value Chain (Feedstocks, Production & Certification, Sustainability

SESSION 4: Sharing of SAF Experience by Selected African States

SESSION 5: Policy Frameworks to Promote SAF Activities by Various AFCAC Partners

SESSION 6: SAF Delivery at Airports, Manufacturers and Airlines’ Perspectives on SAF 

SESSION 7: SAF Financing (Financing Options to Scale up SAF Production and Use)

SESSION 8: SAF Perspectives from the Academia

Posted: Jun 14, 2023